Sunday, March 1, 2009

skiing experience

This was my first skiing experience and to be honest, I haven't seen such a snow in great amount. Me and friends went Lake Tahoe for a day. Of course, one day was very short but there was a bad weather the very next day and it is the safest to leave on the same day (job awaits on Monday !)

We prepared with hand-gloves and some water proof clothes earlier. It was decided to leave the home as early as possible. We all are lazy in getting up and as a result we manage to start ~ 160 mile journey at 6 am. We reached Alpine (skiing place) at 11 around. 

We filled up forms and got kit on rent. It is really very difficult to wear that boot. We helped each other and skiing beginner's class was scheduled at 1 pm. We played here and there and then instructore came. He timepassed some amount in inquiring what we do and what's name and all.. and suddenly he moved to other team. After some time we got the other instructor. She was comparatively well. We put down many a times and then we learn to stand and move slowly and rotate in a circle etc... At last there you go, we skiied from green carpet (lift used to go up on slop) and that was the real experience. 

I didn't know how to stop and I drop down intentionally many time (almost all time) not to cross our area boundary. After 10 around time I learnt well to break at desired time and then it was real fun to move around. 

Then what, go up and ski down, its a real fun and amazing experince. Got motivated to go up and up and come down in short time. 

I was really scared at beggining and felt down many a times... But at the end, there was a fun and enjoyed a lot ....

In between, one of the friend didn't feel well and he needed to rest and all... also we felt short time in a day.. but at the end... felt lucky to be here...

I just think following thought after all these :
Push Yourself to the Limits And Experience Wonders You Never Imagined ..

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