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Friday, April 30, 2010

Apple vs Adobe .. Nice one

Apple vs. Adobe... very reasonably explained by Steve Jobs. I loved the article.

I got attention from Kushal, thanks!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Indian cinemas are far better

I have been in cinemas at US couple of times in last months. They are really well managed and number of screens in a cinema are large (10 to 12 screen in a cinema!). It gives good feel to see such a large number and feel relax on getting tickets.

Honestly, there is not a single problem in getting a ticket (online or store). But wait, buying a ticket doesn't mean you get a seat ! There would be a separate queue to enter into the cinema screen. If a movie is hit OR multi-starer OR first week etc then audience will be more. After entering, individuals have to find places to seat at their ease. Now, upon this wonderful opportunity, people will start filling up in a random way and at the end, if screen crosses 70-75% of total occupancy, a chaos happens. If any group enters after 90% of occupancy, they have no option but to de-group and watch a movie!

No Group has got entertainment in de-group and if they do, that group is not required at all! Its individual entertainment. I have seen number of people requesting each other to settle right and left and all.. to get their belongings and family members together.

Whereas in India, you will not get a ticket if its sold-out (same as US) but once you get a ticket, you are sure and you know where you are going to seat prior to show time. You don't need to rush to hold a seat or request a single person for your seat!

I have no clue on this system. If the US system is so worried about individual and personal timings in routine then how can they bare such excuses and time wasters. Everyone plans to be near by cinema and in queue an hour before the show. In addition, you have to be ready with your tickets by then. In short, spend 5 hour of time to watch 3 hour movie.

I bet, Indian cinemas are far better on this. Isn't it. I had not realized it at first, but, after discussing with friends, I guess that's what it is. We are better..!

Friday, December 11, 2009

few jokes

"Naya Daur" jo purani hindi movie hai uski prequel koi bollywood director bana raha usme actors kon honge???
Ans:John Abraham,Katrina Kaif aur Neil Nitin Mukesh....kyuki "New York" film ke "hai junoon" gane me
wo kehte hai na "yaaro,khulke jilo pal...DAUR APNA AAYENGA"...ab "naya daur" film ka prequel yaane "daur" hoenga na!


Ajit and Robert PJ:
Raabert : Baas, iss aadmi ne hamaare saath gaddary kee hai..
Ajeet : Iss kuththe ki ek haath mein titan ki ghadi aur doosre haath mein hmt ki ghadi pehnaado.
Raabert : Lekin baas, yeh to gaddaar hai.
Ajeet replies.......
Ajeet : Hum jaante hain, raabert. Isko bataana hai ki ab yeh do ghadi ka mehmaan hai.


Aisa konsa din hai jis din bahut jyada thande pani ki baarish hoti hai????
Ans:Chilled-rain's day...
plz haso.....


Text states in gvim

If you're using Vim 7+, you can use g- and g+ to go between text states. For a more advanced usage see the :help earlier and :help later.

Some more info on this :
Using g+ and g- is very different than using u and ^r.

Try following:
* Create new file
* (in normal mode) Type iOne - Esc
* Type oTwo - Esc
* Type oThree - Esc
* Type oFour - Esc
* Type oFive - Esc
* Type 2u
* Type oSix - Esc
* Type oSeven - Esc

Now you have an undo tree with 2 branches. Typing u only goes up the last branch. Using g- goes up by time - branch doesn't matter here.

Have a look in :help usr_32.txt for good explanation of using the undo tree.

I got this tip from someone. Thanks to whomever contributed the tip!

The Power of Ctrl+R in gvim

The Control-R mechanism is very useful:-
:h i_CTRL-R

Usually used for inserting the contents of a register 0-9a-z
but can also insert the following special registers etc

'"' the unnamed register, containing the text of the last delete or
'%' the current file name
'#' the alternate file name
'*' the clipboard contents (X11: primary selection)
'+' the clipboard contents
'/' the last search pattern
':' the last command-line
'.' the last inserted text
'-' the last small (less than a line) delete
=5*5 insert 25 into text (mini-calculator)

what can be done in free time?

I had some free time and I was thinking what can I do if I have such a free time everyday!!

Let me explain little bit more:
I finish up with my regular activities and was thinking on what can I do next? Naturally there are thousands of things and then why to do all these. But it happens, its very difficult to have interest in all things which needs to do..

By thinking, I was in a deep root thinking on what is the idea that I am not doing and I can start off right now. Suddenly second thought came, what will happen if someone take away all my current activities from me? Upon this question, I was just blind.

Why blind ? Because, this is not happened for the first time. It is happening again and again. After little peace in mind, I start playing chess, inet games, cricket, walk, outing etc etc... Later I set my mind that next time I will definitely start xyz.. but at the end, next term never comes..

I did it again and I get the same result again. Can I break this ?

Have you guys felt any such situation ever?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

gvim : search history window

One of original great improvements of VIM over Classic Vi was the ability to reuse/edit/correct commands laboriously typed in, you had only simple line edit commands available to do this, normally perfectly sufficient of course. However you also open a command line window to gain full vim command line editing commands:-

Note these are normal-mode commands!
Creates a small window of your most recent commands

Creates a small window of your most recent searches

hitting "return" will execute whatever line you are editing

to close/leave the command window without executing the current line use :quit