Wednesday, July 30, 2008

morph concept

nowadays, mobiles are becoming in boom. All day to day devices are getting embedded inside mobile and that too considerable price. I came across a china based company phone which has Analog TV, Dual Sim card and FM with variable antenna. The Sound Quality is also fair. And all these are almost at about Rs 5500.

Nevertheless, I am very much in favor of using the standard company devices and looking forward for that only. I visit Nokia website and found about the morph concept. This is in R&D and it seems that it would take 2-3 years to be fully functional.

With this technology, it will be possible to change the shape of the mobile. That means we can wear it like a watch and we can use it as a regular mobile too. In addition, we can also capture photo of the background and make a desktop of the mobile!! We can communicate with wearing as a watch and use it as a clock, necklace etc..

Its going to be extreme example of the nano-technology and I wish the best for it success!!

Search for Nokia 888 for more details...

tare zameen par

This is one of my favorite movie in which I feel movie ticket is worth (after llllong time !!).

Taare Zameen Par tells the story of eight year old Ishaan (darsheel) who suffers greatly until a teacher (amir khan) identifies him as dyslexic. Nicely directed and the a great message to the society.

It is not important that what people do and what people understands for you. Its highly valuable to know what we know, what we can and what we want society to understand for ourself. It is not at all required that people understand the matter only at one way, but it is very useful to make people understand in which they feel comfortable. Nicely directed and perfect movie. Its very difficult to find a mistake in the movie.. I feel very emotional songs in it and liked the movie very much...

bheja fry

This is the movie of my interest in which it is very easily and effectively shown that how one person can irritate other people. Bharat Bhushan is the center character of the movie. He is a tax officer who thinks he is the best in everything, but very humble in nature. Ranjeet wants to take Bharat Bhushan to the special Friday night party but Ranjeet's wife Anjali leaves him at the same night. The rest of the movie is what all things he do to get his wife back, and how Bharat Bhushan helps him, even after knowing the bad intentions of Ranjeet.

I saw this movie at home on VCD and after watching all, I came to know that whole movie is completed withing 60 Lakhs including marketing and advertisements. Looking at the success of such a low budget movie, the sequel of the same is going to come very soon with "Bharat Bhushan Ki Kahani".. I hope that would be more interesting than Bheja Fry...

I know its late to write for this movie now but I can't ignore this movie in my blog ....

sarkar raj

Inspired by "Sarkar", I rushed to see the movie with my friends. Of course, it is a story based on politics. One of the very positive character is Abhishek Bachchan. In the movie, he always tries to think on development of the Mumbai, India. The extremity comes when he lost his wife for that too. Amitabh's role in the movie is of very mature politician and very often it looked that he directs people ideally but which was not feasible all the time.

End of the movie is very dramatic and it completes within 10-15 min. Very fascinating thing about the movie is direction and expression of the characters. None of the character is talkative but background music makes all alive. Music is almost same as "Sarkar"...

I rate the movie above average as I like politic based stories.

Jay Hind !!