Friday, December 11, 2009

what can be done in free time?

I had some free time and I was thinking what can I do if I have such a free time everyday!!

Let me explain little bit more:
I finish up with my regular activities and was thinking on what can I do next? Naturally there are thousands of things and then why to do all these. But it happens, its very difficult to have interest in all things which needs to do..

By thinking, I was in a deep root thinking on what is the idea that I am not doing and I can start off right now. Suddenly second thought came, what will happen if someone take away all my current activities from me? Upon this question, I was just blind.

Why blind ? Because, this is not happened for the first time. It is happening again and again. After little peace in mind, I start playing chess, inet games, cricket, walk, outing etc etc... Later I set my mind that next time I will definitely start xyz.. but at the end, next term never comes..

I did it again and I get the same result again. Can I break this ?

Have you guys felt any such situation ever?

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