Monday, December 28, 2009

Indian cinemas are far better

I have been in cinemas at US couple of times in last months. They are really well managed and number of screens in a cinema are large (10 to 12 screen in a cinema!). It gives good feel to see such a large number and feel relax on getting tickets.

Honestly, there is not a single problem in getting a ticket (online or store). But wait, buying a ticket doesn't mean you get a seat ! There would be a separate queue to enter into the cinema screen. If a movie is hit OR multi-starer OR first week etc then audience will be more. After entering, individuals have to find places to seat at their ease. Now, upon this wonderful opportunity, people will start filling up in a random way and at the end, if screen crosses 70-75% of total occupancy, a chaos happens. If any group enters after 90% of occupancy, they have no option but to de-group and watch a movie!

No Group has got entertainment in de-group and if they do, that group is not required at all! Its individual entertainment. I have seen number of people requesting each other to settle right and left and all.. to get their belongings and family members together.

Whereas in India, you will not get a ticket if its sold-out (same as US) but once you get a ticket, you are sure and you know where you are going to seat prior to show time. You don't need to rush to hold a seat or request a single person for your seat!

I have no clue on this system. If the US system is so worried about individual and personal timings in routine then how can they bare such excuses and time wasters. Everyone plans to be near by cinema and in queue an hour before the show. In addition, you have to be ready with your tickets by then. In short, spend 5 hour of time to watch 3 hour movie.

I bet, Indian cinemas are far better on this. Isn't it. I had not realized it at first, but, after discussing with friends, I guess that's what it is. We are better..!


JD said...

Without reading title of your blog and after started reading your blog i had thought, "ye dekho aur ek hindustani US ki tarif karne aa gaya" ..

But nice to read your full blog .. no idea, may be true .. but noticing this chaos for the first time .. ala evu to nathi ne ke sasta bhaav wala thetre ma gayo to ane etle evu hatu tyaa ??? :)

Shunty said...

If this is the case, yes true we are better compared to them. Seat should be for the one who has paid for it. But there are other things in which they might beat us. Take it from cleanliness to tearing off the seats and screwing up the bathroom walls of a theater.

Kinjal Shah said...

@JD : Its one of the best available theater in this area..

@Shunty : thats true.. but I am fine with that if I get proper seat.. i wanna watch movie..

Also, once you enter into theater and show is not full, there is nobody to check your ticket.. you can take single ticket and watch multiple movies which are not full..! Mind well.. I have not done it for single time yet!