Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is Chrome challenging to hackers ?

This is pretty old incident but I guess worth noting down here...

Let me share one of my experience with Google's chrome.

I face unusual behaviour from my machine during internet access. It starts normally. Even internet connection and initial browsing happens properly. Suddenly Window's damn error comes out saying something wrong in the memory space. I ignore them all as I become habituated to them and at the end they are warnings !

One day I realized that when I use firefox then only this error comes! Then I shift to IE but it doesn't go away. Then I tried to download anti-virus and planned to scan whole space but I am not able to download and scan. Even USB ports and CD-ROMs went off. Thats frustrating point.

Till this time, I was not habituated to Chrome and even there were no shortcuts available anywhere. I searched it.

I tried with chrome to download AVG. Surprisingly, it went through. I got tens of virus on that scan. I guess that virus is not treated well against Chrome algorithm otherwise I was just screwed-up and about to format as no option left...

So, Best of luck to hackers, I have Chrome now!
I used to surf with chrome for long time now and I am as usual fan of it.

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JD said...

Welcome to the Google's BUG-free world :-) .. Even you must be knowing that the way chrome gets installed in your machines is also an extra-ordinary or out-of-the-box, it does not have stand-alone setup of chrome ..

Happy safe surfing ..