Sunday, November 23, 2008

I really need it ....

Neither like summer nor monsoon. Its strong wind to waive you from all directions having cold around. Birds are flying with more free voice,  I feel my winter to begin.

To be honest, after many days I got up before 7 and that may be the reason of all above. But above all, I enforced to hide every part. I feel it, I need this moment. I can see birds having more freedom and more control on their way as they also feel the same. Once you feel it, you need it.  There is no objection on this. 

I feel charm on all. At work, at home and where not! That shows every one feel it. Everyone need it. Even the body, which feels energetic, it needs more food and it need more excercise. The days are come, I really need them as I feel them....

I liked to be on bed for noon but have no option, you have to get up, you need to get ready and do all routine. But all things are coming after you feel it because you need it.

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