Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Day at US

Here is my first day experience at USA.

I landed here at San Fransisco airport at around 10 in the morning. Nice rainy day, mild wind blowing and what not, nice girls moving around !  It looks like dream come true. Everything looks systemetic and to the place. The pathway follows to the immigration system. I get inquired for the reasons of being here. Not much, I could easily answered all and my Identification got in the record. I moved directly to get my luggages and after that they got scanned with my declarations. 

One of the collegue was already awaiting for my arrival to pick-me up with his wife. We meet for while and moved towards the parking area. We got out of the air-port and oh my God, first time I saw 5 lanes crossing each other. What a construction ? Steadily we moved towards the santa clara and to my appartment to reach. We put all the luggages and then I had my lunch at Chipotle (Maxcan Grill). It taste so nice and I was awaiting for some good food for so long. That's it. Later in the evening, I meet with my room mate and we shared gestures. Not less, but I was not in mood in sleep that day because of Jet Lag. 

Yet my luck was as always with me, those were Christmas vacation for all and we had already planned to move San Diego for 4 days trip. At plan time, I was not included but there was a place in the car and I got in the trip. It started at mid-night. As I had Jet Lag, I was the key person in the car to make sure chat-talk with Driver. Everything went well and we reached La Jorre Park in the early morning. 

Some key points :
  • Be very active with collegues/friends going out. At the end, we all are the gainer.
  • Don't stare at any girl/woman.
  • Use Hathodas all time, its a key to get fresh all time!
There are lots of other things over here.. See you in the next blogs...

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Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

"Don't stare at any girl/woman" ..

Is that in our hand? I mean, can we make a choice of not staring at girl? Or staring at girl is put into us (or in girls) by design??