Wednesday, July 30, 2008

morph concept

nowadays, mobiles are becoming in boom. All day to day devices are getting embedded inside mobile and that too considerable price. I came across a china based company phone which has Analog TV, Dual Sim card and FM with variable antenna. The Sound Quality is also fair. And all these are almost at about Rs 5500.

Nevertheless, I am very much in favor of using the standard company devices and looking forward for that only. I visit Nokia website and found about the morph concept. This is in R&D and it seems that it would take 2-3 years to be fully functional.

With this technology, it will be possible to change the shape of the mobile. That means we can wear it like a watch and we can use it as a regular mobile too. In addition, we can also capture photo of the background and make a desktop of the mobile!! We can communicate with wearing as a watch and use it as a clock, necklace etc..

Its going to be extreme example of the nano-technology and I wish the best for it success!!

Search for Nokia 888 for more details...

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