Saturday, March 15, 2008

About Bangalore

I have observed points about Bangalore which are new for me.
  • Narrow roads in the city. 4 lane is very common even at MG road. But I tell you one thing, corporation are very environment friendly, even roads becoming broader preserving all the side trees. It is really to be appriciated.
  • Well manged Bus service. Excellent example of Public Transport. Even highly paid engineers do travel with local bus.
  • In City Bus, half of the seats are reserved for womens.
  • Auto rick-show drivers always asking for some 20-30 bucks extra than meter rates.
  • I see Volvo bus as a city bus for the first time!!! I doubt anywhere else in India Volvo can be afforded as a city bus.
  • Blood-sucking traffic at all the time.
  • City Buses in which Driver himself will issue tickets. Hats-off to these drivers who manages to give tickets in while driving in heavy Bangalore traffic.
  • Hopefully, Metro Rail will help in traffic problem.
  • Tea is served with aluminum glass & bowl instead of cup.
  • Coffee is much better compared to my home town and North India.
  • Excellent Juice centers. Although they are at high rate at office places but its very fresh.
  • Dhosa, Idli & Vada are usual morning breakfast.
  • Here and there, you can find Hyderabadi Hotels serving Bowls of Rice and Dal in a few bucks. Still you can get any damn Indian food here.
  • Names with 'a' added at the end or 'h' added in between. For example, Ashoka, Santhi.
  • "Rangoli" outside home every morning.
  • Rain in all of the three season.
  • Gutters & Drainage system is along side with roads and they are not well sealed. We can experience gap between stones used to seal it. Many a places they are broken and we need to be careful in that. This is very similar to the drainage system in the villages and town. Not much update, they are same.
  • People with asian paints black colour.
  • Really cool environment whole year.
  • Only south Indian movie posters on walls. Only south indian music in shops.
  • Weekends are heaven. People will rush into movies and shopping like hell. Movie tickets hit minimum amount of 225-250 in these days. After that also, you will hardly get tickets.

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